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Firm Foundation 

Hussey Gay Bell was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1958 by civil engineers – Roy Hussey and Ben Gay – who shared a vision for the future growth of their hometown. Rapidly immersed in local community projects, they soon hired Gus H. Bell, III, a young civil engineer working with the Corps of Engineers. As the three shared a single office phone, little did they anticipate how far their knowledge and expertise would reach across the globe in years to come, from Russia to Saudi Arabia.

Steadfast Progression

From its humble beginnings, the company has grown through the decades to emerge as a proven leader in the fields of engineering and architecture. Today the Bell family of companies has evolved into five specialized companies, employing more than 100 professionals.

Dedication to Service

At Hussey Gay Bell, we are constantly thinking about what keeps our clients up a night and how we can better their bottom line or enhance their mission through innovative design. Our energetic and forward-thinking team blends the wisdom of experience with young creative minds which allows us to deliver solutions that solve real problems for our clients. Whether it’s wastewater treatment, better transportation, improved public safety or education, we are here for our clients.